Monday, September 26, 2011

Member Spotlight

In this Member Spotlight, The Trust would like to highlight Judith L. Hughes, of Peachtree City. Judy, a longtime active member of the Trust, also serves as President of The Colonial Dames of America, chapter XXIV - Atlanta which has graciously provided a grant for Georgia Trust staff members to attend the upcoming National Preservation Conference in Buffalo, as well as last year's conference in Austin. The Trust is grateful to Judy and The Colonial Dames of America XXIV Atlanta for their commitment to education. We are proud to shine a spotlight on Judy and her diligent work in historic preservation.

TGT: How did you first become involved with the Trust?

JH: My cousin told me in 2005 I should join The Georgia Trust since I loved history, preservation, and have been involved in genealogy since I was a young woman. I joined immediately. Unfortunately my cousin could not be with me for my first
Ramble, so I attended the Ramble alone in Greene County. I was hooked and have only missed one Ramble all these years.

TGT: What do you find compelling about the mission of the Trust?

JH: That the entire staff, volunteers and donors are focused on Reclaiming, Restoring or Revitalizing historic properties across our state. All of them wish to save and preserve the rapidly disappearing physical remnants of Georgia’s historic landscape. Historic preservation, like history in general, must speak to the present. As Georgians we need to know and understand our past, and historic preservation will foster that.

TGT: What committees or organizations do you serve on?

The Colonial Dames of America, Chapter XXIV-Atlanta - President

The Georgia Society, Colonial Dames of XVII Century - State Chairman.

The Georgia Society,
Daughters of the American Revolution - Volunteer Genealogist and Field Genealogist.

Fayette Starr's Mill Chapter-NSDAR – Chapter Chairman

County Master Gardener Association - Co-chairman of Hospitality, Garden Tour volunteer.
First Baptist Church of Peachtree City – Flower Committee

TGT: Are you a native of Georgia?

JH: Although born in Tennessee, I am descended from six generations of Georgians and proud to be a member of First Families of Georgia.

TGT: Hobbies?

JH: Genealogical Research, gardening, designing floral arrangements for my church, traveling to see museums and historic properties, and collecting early American cooking utensils.

eservation Tip: A tip in which anyone can play a role (large or small) in historic preservation.

JH: Anyone can join or donate to Georgia Trust. Organizations and societies that want a project that will make a difference in the field of historic preservation should be aware that the staff of Georgia Trust needs to attend The National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference from time to time, but the cost is prohibitive. Donations or a grant in aid will make this possible. The Colonial Dames of America have given a grant for two years during my administration to enable two staff members to attend the conference each year. Continuing education aids preservation tomorrow.