Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Georgia Theatre Update

As many of you will recall, the Georgia Theatre, Athens' beloved live music venue, suffered a devastating fire in June 2009. From the earliest days following the fire, it was made clear that the owners' intentions were to preserve what could be saved of the building and fully rehabilitate the historic theater. Through its Preservation Partners program, The Georgia Trust consulted with the theater's owners and established the Georgia Theatre Rehabilitation Fund. Organizations, businesses, groups and individuals from all over the country have donated money to the fund to be used solely for the rehabilitation of the Georgia Theatre. These generous donations have provided nearly $240,000 in support of the theater's rehabilitation, and have directly contributed to the theater's ability to celebrate its grand re-opening this summer!

Here's an update from the theater's owner, Wil Greene:

It's not too late to donate! Click HERE for more information about the Georgia Theatre and how YOU can make a tax deductible charitable donation to the Georgia Theatre Rehabilitation Fund!

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