Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Member Spotlight

In this week’s Member Spotlight we are thrilled to highlight Merribel McKeever, Research Intern for The Georgia Trust. A true preservationist in training, Merribel is currently perusing her graduate degree in Heritage Preservation at Georgia State University. Merribel is working on gathering information for The Georgia Trust and Southface Institute for the purpose of starting a new green renovation program geared toward historic structures, as well as creating criteria for cemeteries to be used by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Merribel serves as Treasurer for Georgia State University’s Heritage Preservation Society. Somehow, in her limited spare time, she likes to express her artistic abilities through, writing, drawing, and playing music. Merribel also bakes delicious cupcakes, which have been used to fuel the Georgia Trust staff. Thanks Merribel!

Merribel’s preservation tip:

Educate! In general people have greater appreciation for things they understand and are knowledgeable about. To the average person a structure built in 1900 might seem like just another old building, but if they knew that someone extremely influential grew up there, or that is was an important gathering place for the community or that a famous architect used a design that would later become the basis for modern architecture, they’re more likely to want to protect that resource and share the story with others.

The Trust is grateful to have exceptional members, volunteers and interns such as Merribel, whose diligent work stresses the importance of historic preservation.

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