Thursday, July 29, 2010

Full Funding

Earlier this year, GaPA voted to support national efforts to fully fund the Historic Preservation Fund. Encouraging progress has been made to provide full funding, but your support is still needed.

The CLEAR Act is a bill that addresses offshore oil and gas reforms and contains a provision to fully fund the Historic Preservation Fund at $150 million. The Historic Preservation Fund is funded by receipts from federal offshore oil and gas leases. The fund is authorized at $150 million annually, but Congress typically only appropriates 1/3 of the amount each year since its creation in 1976. The CLEAR Act would allow the Secretary of the Interior to use the fund without further federal action. This means more money for preservation! .


The House of Representatives will vote on this bill very soon. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has made it very easy for you to contact your Representative and ask them to support fully funding historic preservation by voting yes for CLEAR Act.

Read more about the CLEAR Act at On The Hill

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