Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Member Spotlight

For this week's Member Spotlight we are excited to highlight Chris Howard of Macon who is an Advisor and former Board Member for Hay House and who remains active on the Restoration, Garden, and Christmas Committees.

A preservation consultant and a graduate of the University of Georgia, Howard was Director of Properties for five years at Historic Macon Foundation before pursuing his Masters in Preservation Studies at the Tulane School of Architecture. Howard has served as Treasurer of the Historic Rose Hill Cemetery Foundation and serves on the College Hill Corridor Commission. An ardent preservationist, he recently completed the restoration of a 1878 Victorian house in Intown Macon adjacent to his home in the historic Waterworks building. The Georgia Trust appreciate's Howard's preservation efforts in Macon and specifically his interest in Hay House!

FYI: Restoration of the Hay House dining room is now underway! Click here for a virtual tour of the before. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to come see it for yourself when its done.

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