Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Member Spotlight

If you have toured Rhodes Hall on a Tuesday, chances are your guide was John Turman. For the past six years, John has volunteered as a tour docent at Rhodes Hall every Tuesday. One of the highlights of a tour by John is learning about the history of the Rhodes Hall windows (above) and the historical scenes they depict. In addition to giving tours, John often lends a helping hand to The Georgia Trust’s Development Department. Whether it’s teaching tourists about the historic gem that is Rhodes Hall, or stuffing envelopes and Uptown Rhodes Race packets- John’s contributions to The Georgia Trust are always greatly appreciated. For his dedication and volunteer service, we honor John this week as our Member Spotlight!

Though John grew up an ‘army brat’, his family has long roots in Atlanta, going at least as far back as the Civil War. John has returned to make Atlanta his home, a city where his ancestor’s homestead was once burned by Sherman and where his father attended a ball for the premier of Gone with the Wind (John still has the program from this event!). With a PhD in German Literature, John’s love of history and reading has led him to his current endeavor- writing an adventure historical fiction novel based on his Georgia ancestors.

When asked what his favorite part of working at Rhodes Hall is, John replied “making the history of the house and the city live for visitors, especially those from out of town”. John’s spirit of heritage, preservation, education and outreach melds well with the mission of The Georgia Trust and helps make Rhodes Hall a wonderful building to work in, hold events and tour.

If you would like to volunteer at Rhodes Hall, contact Caley Ross.

And don't forget, Rhodes Hall will be part of this year's Fall Ramble in Atlanta!

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