Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Member Spotlight

In this week’s Member Spotlight we honor the person who created this weekly blog series- our former Membership Manager, Lindsay Cronk.

Lindsay, a native of Indiana who came to Georgia to attend Agnes Scott College, joined The Georgia Trust staff in June 2008. She quickly diagnosed and remedied some major membership computer glitches that we were experiencing. With an impressively well-balanced blend of creativity and database knowledge, Lindsay proved to be an immeasurable asset to our organization.

Lindsay’s always chipper spirit and can-do attitude greatly enhanced our “Team Trust” dynamics. Likewise, Lindsay’s cheerfulness and friendliness during Rambles, Galas and membership events contributed to our guests’ overall experience.

We wish Lindsay luck and continued success at her new place of employment, the Piedmont Park Conservancy. We know that she, at the very least, will appreciate a much shorter bicycle ride to work during what is sure to be another hot summer in the ATL. Best wishes, Lindsay!

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