Thursday, April 22, 2010

Member Spotlight

Every preservation project is unique, with its own particular quirks, challenges, and needs. It is because of this that finding the right person for rehabilitation efforts is essential- preservation is essentially stewardship. In Tommy Littleton, Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens, one of the Trust's 2010 Places in Peril, has found a fitting custodian and advocate.

The Gardens were begun by Howard Finster in 1961 before he received his vision telling him to create sacred art in 1976. Years of compiled art make up the maze of structures and sculptures. Everything in the Gardens has a meaning. Incorporating all kinds of recycled materials into his art, Howard created a four acre masterpiece of folk art. It is a place that requires dual investments of time and resources, and Tommy Littleton has consistently proved he is glad to provide both.

Tommy is a business owner from Birmingham, Alabama and has loved Howard, his art, and Paradise Gardens for many years. Above all, however, Tommy appreciates Howard's ministry as a pastor, evangelist, preacher and prophet to the world through his art. Tommy is himself an evangelist and missionary, and has worked in outreach around the world. He helps with the Gardens and festivals, and misses Howard deeply. Tommy is glad, as well as grateful to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and as Chaplain of Paradise Gardens.

This Saturday Trust members and preservationists will have an incredible opportunity to help Paradise Gardens by participating in a work day. Join us in an exciting hands-on preservation opportunity! Play in the dirt while helping to preserve this unique folk art site. Contact Jordan Poole at 706-506-9864 or for more information and to sign up.

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