Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Member Spotlight

Heidi Ream, Chair Elect of the Hay House Board of Trustees, is also Chair of Hay House's major fundraising event, Macon Gardens, Mansions & Moonlight, for the second year in a row. Heidi is an inspiration to other Hay House volunteers in her commitment to publicizing the event, leading monthly committee meetings, helping to line up homeowners to participate in the tour, and working very diligently to make sure all aspects of the event go smoothly.

Macon Gardens, Mansions & Moonlight is Central Georgia's premier home and garden tour. The program features 3 distinct tours: the Secret Garden Tour, Historic Home Tour, and Moonlight Tour. Attendees also have access to free gardening Seminars, the free Garden Market on the grounds of Hay House, and tours of Hay House.

All of us at the Georgia Trust are the beneficiaries of Heidi's dedication and generosity. We thank her for her efforts and congratulate her on her success in her second year as chair of this wonderful event.

This year Macon Gardens, Mansions & Moonlight will take place from April 30th to May 2nd. If you are interested in attending, please contact Hay House for information. Call 478-742-8155.

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