Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Member Spotlight

We can all agree that what historic and endangered places need most is loyal friends. Rhodes Hall has long had a friend in Susan Starr, and all of us on the Georgia Trust staff are seeing the old place in a new way due to her attentions.

Susan Starr, seen here staining a desk at Rhodes Hall.

A former emergency room nurse, Susan has seen her fair share of tough cases. It is her nursing background, perhaps, that compels her to tend to Rhodes Hall. For the past several weeks, without any true break for the holidays, Susan has come in to make sure that this home receives much needed attentions. While the work is far from glamorous, Susan has scrubbed, polished, brushed, swept, and dusted. She has committed her time and energy to this great home, which, for all the efforts of staff, can always benefit from further treatment. It is Susan's work that has reminded us that we have the privilege of overseeing a startlingly grand manse, a place that shines when it is properly kept.

A native of High Point, North Carolina, Susan grew up with an appreciation for historic places. Before moving to Atlanta 17 years ago with her husband, Susan lived in Winston-Salem. Her interest in preservation led to her personal study of the Moravian settlement in North Carolina.

All of us at the Trust are grateful that fate brought Susan to this city and to this house. Her efforts have led to significant improvements in our workplace, and a new appreciation for this great house.

If you are interested in putting your back into preservation, please join The Georgia Trust for a Rhodes Hall workday this February! Email Lindsay or call 404-885-7805 to get the details.

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