Thursday, October 29, 2009

Member Spotlight

Virginia and Bond Almand Rambling with the Georgia Trust.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the incredible contributions that Virginia Almand has made to The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation over her many years of membership. A trustee since 2004, it is Virginia's particular commitment to the Trust that has distinguished her. She has been active and involved in the Trust for two decades, and her efforts as a volunteer, committee leader, and advocate have long been an inspiration to all of us.

When the Birmingham native is not Rambling or working to help with one of the Trust's events or campaigns, Virginia can probably be found in the garden. As a volunteer and board member, Virginia works with the Southeastern Flower Show, and has earned several Certificates of Excellence in horticulture from the Garden Club of America. Virginia is also a community activist who has served as Chairman of the Board at the Atlanta Speech School and volunteered her time with the Trust for Public Land.

All of us at thank Virginia for continuing to help and nuture the growth of this organization with the same attention and effort she tends to Stachyurus praecox and other favorite plants. She is a true preservationist, and we are grateful for her attention and aid.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Georgia Trust, please call 404-885-7805 or email

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