Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Member Spotlight

Today the Trust is proud to recognize two dedicated individuals, Mr. Cullen Chambers of the Tybee Island Historical Society and Mr. Ed Cawley of the Fort Screven Preservation Organization, who recently joined forces to help save one of the Trust's 2009 Places in Peril, Battery Backus on Tybee Island.

Battery Backus was one of the seven powerful gun emplacements that protected Fort Screven. Construction on the fortifications began as the Spanish-American War broke out in 1898 and continued into the early 1900s. Recently, the Battery's owner, Lou Kietzman, sought a permit to build two single-family homes on the historic site, but thanks to the dilligence of these two local activists, he did not succeed.

Mr. Chambers, pictured here with the Tybee Island Lighthouse, heads up the Tybee Island Historical Society, and he was among the early advocates for Battery Backus. Director of the Tybee Island Historical Society since 1994, Mr. Chambers tirelessly advocates for the continued recognition and preservation of Tybee Island as well as other coastal Georgia sites.

Mr. Cawley, President of The Fort Screven Preservation Organization, seen here with Battery Backus, has dilligently toiled on behalf of Fort Screven for many years, working specifically to protect its various batteries from development. While Lou Kietzman has promised to appeal the recent decision, he will encounter the same resistance and commitment from Mr. Cawley and the Fort Screven Preservation Organization.

Please join the Trust as we announce the 2010 Places in Peril at Rhodes Hall on November 4th. Learn about Georgia's most endangered historic resources and help us work to save them!
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