Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Member Spotlight

To many of us at the Trust, Emelyn Arnold is the one who introduced us to Rhodes Hall. She is the one who first made Amos Rhodes's dream live in our imaginations, and she is an incomparable asset as a Visitor Services Coordinator and member.

Raised in a very small town outside of Augusta, Emelyn started studying piano at the age of four. She graduated from Wesleyan College, a women's college in Macon, with a degree in History. She then taught history and obtained her Master’s Degree in History from the University of Georgia. She uses this background to do Rhodes Hall justice when she guides tours, bringing it alive for countless visitors.

As one of her many efforts on behalf of Le Reve, Emelyn arranged for the donation of a piano which will arrive in the coming weeks. We hope that Emelyn will entertain us all with a tune or two, and demonstrate the remarkable voice that takes part in her church choir each week.

Rhodes Hall needs docents, guides, amateur historians and enthusiastic advocates! If you are interested in volunteering at Rhodes Hall, please email Emelyn or call 404-885-7800.

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