Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hear Mark McDonald and other leading Georgia preservationists speak at Historic Columbus Foundation's "Preservation for Profit," a technical education

Preservation for Profit Thur.-Fri., August 20-21, 2009 Columbus, Georgia

Historic Columbus Foundation will offer a technical education workshop August 20th and 21st aimed to directly address some of the financial incentives and benefits available to historic preservation projects. The day and a half long seminar will be filled with a series of experts from the public and private realm ranging from GA Trust President and CEO, Mark McDonald, to Atlanta developer of the Empire Building Craig Taylor. The six speakers will highlight: State and federal tax credits, tax credit syndication, design related preservation issues, economics of historic preservation, and finally a presentation of a local preservation case study, the Empire building located at the intersection of 12th Street and 1st Avenue. The program will run from 9:00am to 4:30pm on Thursday, August 20th at the WC Bradley Co. AV Room and a half day session will run from 9:00am to 12noon Friday, August 21st at the CB&T Community Room. As an incentive to attend, continuing education credit hours will be offered to realtors and architects. Cost of the workshop will be $50 for members and $75 for non-members (lunch on Thursday will be provided). Space will be limited to 75 participants. For more information or to RSVP please contact Justin Krieg at 706-322-0756 or justin@historiccolumbus.com.

Financial Incentives - Participants of the workshop will gain a working knowledge of both state and federal tax incentive programs. Tax incentives and tax credits play a key role in making preservation projects easier to finance and more profitable to complete. There are a variety of tax programs which range in complexity and our speakers will describe the ins and outs of the application process as well as the benefits of each program. Ced Dolder from the State Historic Preservation Office will speak on the details of tax credits and Mark McDonald from the Georgia Trust will give an overview of fa├žade easements and an update on the latest preservation legislation.

Sustainable Design – With the “green” movement in full swing it is appropriate to have some discussion on how historic properties fit within the sustainable context. Pratt Cassity will speak about the specific benefits of sustainable design and historic preservation. Historic preservation and downtown revitalization are vital to sustainable development on the levels of both environmental and economic responsibility. They are what make cities viable, livable, and equitable.

Tax Credit Syndication – One of the most difficult and complicated parts of a rehabilitation/restoration project is coming up with the financing. Andrew Ham with Urban Trust Capital, Inc. out of Atlanta will discuss tax credits and how they can be used to build equity for a project on the front end of construction. His firm specializes in matching investors with preservation projects while taking advantage of the state and federal tax credits. In many cases, the investors and work Andrew puts into a project can make the difference between a project being a success or never getting off the ground.

Economics of Preservation – Historic preservation not only provides the community with a look into the past, it can also generate a significant amount of money. Preservation projects and communities dedicated to promoting the preservation of historic properties have seen an increase in tourism, property values, and a greater quality of life. Kennedy Lawson Smith with the Community Land Use and Economics Group (CLUE) will speak about why this happens and how a community can capitalize on preservation projects.

For more information or to RSVP please contact Justin Krieg at 706-322-0756 or justin@historiccolumbus.com.

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