Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update from the Friends of Crum and Forster

Dear Friends of Crum Forster:

The Crum Forster Building remains in every bit of danger of demolition as it was last summer.

Currently there are two issues at hand with regard to saving the Crum and Forster – neither issue is settled or finalized:

The process to designate the Crum and Forster as a Landmark Building through the City of

Fighting/opposing the Georgia Tech Foundation’s Appeal of the denial of the demolition permit. (The GTF continues to pursue demolition of this great building.)

Landmark Building Status:
This Thursday, July 23, 2009, 6 p.m., City Hall, is the ZRB (Zoning Review Board) Meeting to review the proposed Landmark status for the Crum and Forster building. This will be the last meeting where public comment will be heard by the Zoning Review Board.

You can show your support in two ways:

Attending the meeting on Thursday, July 23rd, at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall – a good crowd will be critical to show community support.

Writing a letter to the Zoning Review Board in support of the Landmark designation for the Crum and Forster building

Please refer to details below. It is important that the letter be in business letter format, and signed. Please plan to fax or email your letter to the Atlanta Preservation Center. The APC will present the letters received as part of the presentation document to the ZRB.

An email to the City or to the APC is better than nothing, but a REAL letter is what makes the difference.

In addition to sending a letter to the Atlanta Preservation Center you may also copy the City.

Your letter to the Zoning Review Board should:
Be faxed or emailed to the Atlanta Preservation Center no later than July 22, 2009. We will ensure that your letter is presented to the Zoning Review Board.

APC fax: 404-688-3357
APC email: boyd@preserveatlanta.com

Use standard business letter formatting with this inside address:

City of Atlanta Zoning Review Board
Attn: Ms. Charletta Wilson Jacks
Bureau of Planning
55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 3350
Atlanta, GA 30303
Fax – 404-658-7491 or email Ms. Jacks through Brenda Warner at bhwarner@atlantaga.gov

Include your statement of the importance and value of the building to both Atlanta and the Midtown neighborhood; the importance of both the local architectural firm (and the NY architectural firm that designed the building) to Atlanta and the nation. The value of the building in contrast to recent re-development efforts in Midtown.

Background information on the Crum and Forster building:
Designed in 1926 and constructed1927-28, the Crum and Forster building is the earliest building of its kind to be constructed in the Midtown area of Spring Street. It housed the first regional office of a national insurance company to construct its own building in Atlanta. Prior to the construction of the Crum and Forster building, this section of Spring Street was residential or undeveloped.

The design of the building is a collaborative work between the New York architectural firm of Helmle, Corbett & Harrison and the Atlanta architectural firm of Ivey & Crook. The principals of Helmle, Corbett & Harrison produced designs which were major contributions to two phases of 20th century American architecture: first, the period of the American renaissance working in Beaux Arts historicist styles and second, in the development of Modernism. Over a four decade long practice, Ivey and Crook produced some of Atlanta's most distinguished residential and commercial architecture.

Thank you for your continued interest in saving the Crum and Forster!

With best regards,

Friends of Crum Forster

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