Monday, June 1, 2009

Preservation Perspectives : Neutral Milk Hotel

Reclusive indie rockers Neutral Milk Hotel may seem like unlikely preservationists. However, Jeff Mangum and Julian Koster recently came to the aid of the Paragon Carousel, a Hull, Massachusetts landmark. Activating their fan base on the carousel's behalf, the pair succeeded in garnering a Partners in Preservation grant for the historic machine.

In an eloquent plea for the carousel, the two put it succinctly:
"The Paragon Carousel is a beautiful machine that has been our dear neighbor for many moons. Now 81 years old, it is in need of a little love and attention in order for it to survive.

"It is our sincere wish for the Paragon Carousel to be a part of the magic of long seaside summer afternoons for many years to come."

This sentiment, of the importance of preserving the past for future, is at the heart of all great preservation efforts, so please join the Georgia Trust in saluting Neutral Milk Hotel for their work on behalf of the historic Paragon Carousel.

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