Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Member Spotlight

As the Trust begins the process of selecting a new line-up of Places in Peril for the upcoming year, we honor a long-time preservation advocate and member, Nell Magruder.

A native of Canton, Georgia, Nell Magruder is descended from Georgia's upcountry pioneers. Her great-great-grandfather, William Gresham, was a collector of newspapers- a hobby he passed to his children and grandchildren. The accumulated Magruder Collection, donated by Nell and her husband, Bill, is now housed and studied at the Atlanta History Center- a treasure of rare periodicals, many more than a hundred years old, for generations to learn from.

Nell's dedication to preservation is also clear in her commitment to the stewardship of her historic home, built by William Gresham in 1841, and her community activism on behalf of projects like the Canton Grammar School, a nominee for the Trust's 2010 Places in Peril. The Canton Grammar School was built in 1914, and is in danger of being demolished by the local school system. Nell Magruder has worked hard to spread the word about the Canton Grammar School, a historically significant building in remarkably good condition. With a passionate preservationist like Nell fighting for the school, the Trust is hopeful that the school district may yet be convinced of the feasibilty of a renovation project for this important place. We will continue to work with her on behalf of the Canton School, and all of us at the Trust are pleased to salute Nell Magruder for her determination and savvy.

The Trust wants to get in touch with local activists throughout the state of Georgia to start and sustain an ongoing dialogue about the places that make this state special! Contact Jordan Pooleto get involved in our Partners in the Field program, or email Lindsay Cronk to volunteer with the Trust.

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