Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Member Spotlight

As we approach our Spring Ramble in Augusta, we’d like to take the time to recognize one of that city’s favorite sons and a great asset to the Georgia Trust, Clay Boardman. Mr. Boardman is CEO of Augusta Capital, LLC, and a member of the Trust’s Board of Trustees. His dedication to rehabilitation has led him to to undertake several sites in Augusta, including Enterprise Mill, one of our Ramble sites.

Clay Boardman is a graduate of the College of Charleston and a veteran of many redevelopment projects. His firm has taken on preservation projects large and small, from Sutherland Mill to the Houghton School. A family man, Mr. Boardman is devoted to his three children. His mother, Mrs. Anne Boardman, has generously offered her loft for our Heritage Reception, open to Heritage level members and above.

Mr. Boardman’s creative eye and pragmatic approach are combined with a desire for responsible redevelopment, and his achievements have had a significant impact on preservation efforts in Augusta and in Georgia. We thank Clay Boardman for all his efforts and generosity. His commitment to innovative preservation is an example for us all. Join us in Georgia's Garden City to take in Clay Boardman's successes firsthand.

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