Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Member Spotlight

Georgia Trust Member and archaeologist James D’Angelo has been instrumental in the understanding and saving of the 18th century site, Fort Daniel in Metro Atlanta. James D’Angelo, PhD is actively working with archaeological investigations at Fort Daniel, a 2009 Place in Peril. D’Angelo has been an active contract archaeologist and independent researcher since 1973. He retired in 2000 from teaching Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Archaeology. He is the founder and site advisor to The Society for Georgia Archaeology, The Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society. He has also led expeditions to Khirbet Iskander since 1981. He is currently directing excavations of the 2009 Place in Peril, Fort Daniel on Hog Mountain. Since the summer of 2007, hundreds of iron, lead, glass, and ceramic artifacts have been recovered at this site located in Metro Atlanta.

When Major General Allen Daniel wrote orders to the Commander at the Hog Mountain fort, he may never have known that the fort to be named Fort Daniel would be uncovered by Archeologists like Dr. D'Angelo who are now working to learn more about frontier Georgia.
Fort Daniel is nevertheless threatened by future development. The Friends of Fort Daniel has been organized to promote preservation of the site. D’Angelo hopes to create a special use (archaeological) park on approximately 13 acres that will preserve Fort Daniel's archaeology as well as its present wooded setting. Along with representatives of GARS, the Gwinnett Historical Society, The Daughters of 1812, and the Georgia Council for Professional Archaeology, Friends of Fort Daniel includes descendents of men stationed at the fort and a descent of Allen Daniel.

There will be an interpretive event held on the site at 2505 Braselton Highway, Hog Mountain, Georgia. The event to be held on Saturday the second of May will showcase the excavations as well as host costumed first person interpreters from the time period of 1812. For more information, email Jordan Poole, the Trust's Field Services Manager. To listen to a podcast about Fort Daniel, click here.

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