Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on Crum and Forster from Save Crum and Forster

The Georgia Tech Foundation will appeal the City of Atlanta’s denial of the demolition permit for 771 Spring Street on March 12, 2009. Currently the building is “mothballed” but is still endangered.

The survival of the building is being defined by two separate issues: Appealing the denial of the demolition permit by the City of Atlanta. Whether the building will be granted Landmark Status.

Status of the Appeal: Last October the City of Atlanta denied a demolition permit for 771 Spring Street (Crum Forster Building). Following the denial of the demolition permit the Urban Design Commission proposed Landmark Status for the classically designed Italianate building which passed the UDC unanimously. However, Landmark Status is not finalized until passed by the City Council, therefore to date the building remains in peril. Legal Counsel for the Georgia Tech Foundation (Carl Westmoreland) is appealing the denial of the demolition permit. If this decision is reversed the building could potentially be demolished almost immediately. In the meantime Interim Landmark Controls are in effect requiring GTF to “mothball” the building.

Your support is INVALUABLE. It is because of your presence at these ongoing meetings, your petition responses, your letters and phone calls, that Atlanta has shown that this building is treasured. Because of this commitment and concern the building still stands today. Thank you!

It is more important than ever - please plan to attend:
Board of Zoning Adjustment Meeting

March 12th, 12 noon
City Hall
55 Trinity Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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