Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Message from Mark McDonld, President of The Georgia Trust

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation now has a blog, and it is a pleasure to welcome you and your comments.

What is an organization primarily concerned with the preservation of old buildings doing with a blog? The answer is plenty.

First of all, we preserve things that have intrinsic value – this applies to the eighteenth century city plan of Savannah and the 1979 Fulton County Library in downtown Atlanta designed by Marcel Bruer and many places in between. The point is, we want to preserve the best things of our culture, not just because they are old.

Secondly, we want to use state of the art tools and communication devices to preserve buildings and get the word out. We know that if we are going to have any impact in the 21st century we have to involve as many people in our movement as possible and get the latest news from the from the grassroots level.

So please help us out with your comments and calls to action. Preservation must stay relevant if it will continue to be a transformative tone in American culture.

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